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Midlife Pleasure & Power empowers women 40+ to own the process of their midlife transformation and to claim pleasure and power as an integral  part of this life phase.  

Our vision is that every woman becomes more enriched and empowered in their experience of  their body and their identity at midlife.  

When we change narratives we produce empowered action and  create momentous change.

Hello we're Shae & Charlotte 

MP&P is a combo of our life experiences and life work. We are here to serve youthe ones who dare to think outside of the cultural norms and tropes; those of you who know deep in your bones there's more to explore beyond our cultural conditioning at midlife. One of our key values is NON-judgement—every woman's path is unique and we are co-creating an environment to support each other in and through our different choices.

Ultimately, just like you, we want to make the world a better place for us as women to feel safe and enlivened in our bodies.

Thank you for being here and blessings on your midlife transformation xxx

Charlotte Young

Charlotte Young is a writer, women’s cycles educator and transformational coach (ACC certified). She has a background in teaching, publishing, dance and birth work.

After several years working as a doula and dance facilitator, Charlotte realised the disconnect many women experience from their bodies. After discovering that a positive menarche (first period) informs subsequent rites of passage (birth and menopause) Charlotte trained to be a menstrual educator and now offers cycles education workshops to girls.

As she unfolded into her own second adolescence (perimenopause) Charlotte was struck by the parallels and created perimenopause workshops for women, as well as writing the book, “Changing Woman: Understanding Perimenopause”. Charlotte works to empower girls and women to be at home in their bodies, minds and hearts.

Shae Elise Allen

Shae Elise Allen is a sexual wellness educator, speaker, somatic coach and transformational guide supporting women at midlife.

With a background in developing innovative women's senior leadership programs for a leading university think tank, Shae now teaches and speaks on topics of emotional, somatic and sexual intelligence, vulnerability and courage and midlife alchemy; guiding women toward realising their truth as self-honouring, paradigm-shifting creative channels in todays world.

Shae went through an early menopause 2.5 years ago, just after her 44th birthday. At the time she understood this to mean she was old before her time, potentially sexually defunct and emotionally broken before transforming this narrative and her entire life. Her work is now focused on igniting the liberation of midlife women everywhere.

A note on anti-racism, gender and diversity 

We are two white, cis gendered, able-bodied women of privilege who are studying and practising anti-racism and gender and diversity awareness. We acknowledge that the white supremacist, binary, able-bodied ways throughout history and the world do not represent every individual. We hope all people experiencing perimenopause and menopause can find a way to relate to and gain some value from our offerings. We are always open to conversations that contribute to our ongoing learning and create safe spaces for everyone. 

We love sharing our message! 

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