The MP&P Blueprint Online Program

The MP&P BLUEPRINT online program, for 40+ women, connects you to cyclical wisdom; a deeper understanding of your hormones; your sensual self and a repatterning of your sexual story; self-care; boundaries and more! 


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Are you feeling...?

  • Exhausted 
  • Unseen & unheard
  • Like you're losing control
  • More sensitive and reactive
  • Disconnected from your sexuality
  • Like you don't know who you are anymore
  • Like you're tired of looking after everyone else

Are you yearning to feel...?

  • Knowledgable about what's happening to your body
  • Confident about  reclaiming your identity
  • Sure you can express yourself freely
  • Sexy in the skin you're in 
  • More pleasure
  • More vitality
  • More power

"The Blueprint is a refreshing and inspiring journey into the previously unspoken and even shameful world of perimenopause and menopause. The content is easy to work through, informative and thought provoking, and delivered with kindness and respect. It is so refreshing and reassuring to hear that this experience that all women go through is not only normal but can be empowering and life-changing. Thank you Charlotte and Shae, I feel inspired and excited for my next stage of life."

-Helen Quinn

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Week 1

Module 1:

Introduction to the Wheel

The In-Between

Drum Journey through your Life Seasons

Reflection Questions: Your Connection to the Seasons

Module 2:

Our Sexual Conditioning

An introduction to Yin Arousal

The Sexual Culture Reframe

A Gentle Yin Pleasure Practice

Reflection Questions: Your Relationship to Vulnerability

Week 2

Module 3:

Reflection Questions: Your Body

Your Body as Ally

Perimenopause & Your Hormones

The Dance of the Hormones

Self-care. Rest. Space. Support

Reflection Questions: Soul Questions

Module 4:

Introduction & Knowing your Body's Authentic Truth

The Golden Keys of Practice

Awakening Desire

Loving Your Vulva

Reflection Questions: Your Relationship to Your Body at Midlife

Week 3

Module 5:

Exercise, Sleep, Nutrition

Anxiety & Brain Fog

The Brain Fog Dance

The Senses in Perimenopause & Interoception

Interoception Guided Meditation

Module 6:

Making Peace with Longing

Vulva & Vaginal Mapping

Repatterning your Sexual Story

The Pleasure Expansion Practice

Reflection Questions: Your Relationship to Pleasure at Midlife

Week 4

Module 7:

Anger & Boundaries

Setting Boundaries Practice

Your Centre is Your Power

Reflection: Stepping in to Sovereen (Sovereign Queen)

Centring Meditation

Module 8:

The Alchemical Cauldron of the Heart

Womb Intuition & Wisdom at Menopause

Our Sacred Contract at Midlife

Communicating Desire & Needs from an Open Heart

Reflection Questions: Your Relationship to Power

Brought to you by Charlotte Young & Shae Elise Allen

With thousands of hours between us working with women and girls, we facilitate body confidence and trust and authentic power through menstrual and perimenopause education, sexual wellness and embodiment education and one to one and group coaching. 

We're an edge-walking pair of women, leading a movement to change a paradigm (Shae, almost three years post menopause at 46 and Charlotte, peri menopause at 52). Committed to liberating and enlightening education about pleasure and power, our vision is that all women are enriched and empowered by their experience of their body and identity at midlife.

Ultimately, just like you, we want to make the world a better place and for us as women to feel safe and enlivened in our bodies.

"I've experienced a deep sense of knowing and wisdom, the safety of knowing who I am. I find myself feeling attractive and people gravitate towards me. I feel open and I'm asking for what I want out of life and in relationships which has been difficult in the past. Now I know that I deserve it." 

- J.R.

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"Thank you so much for such inspiring content. I am entering perimenopause and no longer dreading it but I'm embracing the changes... thanks for reminding me of the gift that life and menopause is."

- Jilly Fowler